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Don’t forget that later today is the Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou) Nintendo Direct. There are many places you can watch this.
The Japanese Youtube link is already up with a countdown timer!
Japanese Nintendo Direct page
Nintendo of America Youtube page
Nintendo of America Direct Page
Nintendo of Europe Youtube page

Japan/America Directs
- Europe : 5AM (5/8)
- UK : 4AM (5/8)
- USA (East Coast): 11PM (4/8)
- USA (West Coast): 8PM (4/8)
- Japan : 12PM (5/8)

Europe Direct
- Europe: 8AM (5/8)
- UK: 7AM (5/8)
- USA (East Coast): 2AM (5/8)
- USA (West Coast): 11PM (4/8)
- Japan: 2PM (5/8)

Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou) Character Intros so far Part 1
Hyrule Warriors Character Intros so far Part 2
Hyrule Warriors E3 Trailer Gifs
Link with Sword Gifs
Link with Fire Rod Gifs
Impa Gifs
Queen Zelda Gifs
Lana Gifs
Agitha Gifs
Midna with Shadow Wolf Gifs
Fi Gifs
Zelda with the Wind Waker Gifs
Link with Power Gloves Gifs
Hyrule Warriors Features Trailer Playable Characters Gifs
Princess Ruto Gifs
OoT Characters Sheik, Darunia, and Princess Ruto Gifs
Goron Chief Darunia Gifs
Sheik Gifs
Impa with Naginata Gifs
Lana with Deku Stick Gifs
Link with OoT, TP, and SS Costumes Gifs
Zelda with OoT, TP, and SS Costumes GIfs
The Demon Lord Ganondorf Gifs
The Demon Lord Ganondorf Costume Set Gifs
Link with Chain Chomp Gifs
Ghirahim with Demon Blade Gifs
Zant with Scimitar Gifs
Cucco Gifs
Hyrule Warriors Story Scene Gifs

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